An image of a female foot inside a shoe in transparency.

Smartphone based 3D measurements.

The biometry is a 3D image of your feet made with your smartphone.

In fact, it is like a 3D scan: take some pictures all around your foot with the app and let our algorithms do the rest. Our system is completely automatic, easy to use and produces incredibly accurate measurements.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are working hard to give you the possibility to scan your feet simply using your smartphone, and without spending a penny for costly hardware. A “good” biometry is mandatory to offer you reliable suggestions about shoes size. That is why we need your collaboration! Follow carefully the instructions and contact us if you encouter any issues: we are eager to help.

Why so many pictures?

There are people out there that swear to measure your feet in 3D with just three or two pictures. While the length and width measurements should be reliable, they are not really scanning your feet, but rather searching* in a database for the feet shape most similar to yours. Do not take our word for it: just open the app and visualize your 3D biometry after the scan.

* Ok, it is a bit more complicated than that, but not much more complicated. You get the point.

Why do I need the Snapfeet Sheet?

That’s exactly the other part of the puzzle. As we are truly generating a 3D image of your feet, we need the Snapfeet Sheet for “calibrating” the camera when taking pictures and properly scaling your biometry, so that the result is correctly sized.

PSSSST! We agree that it is rather annoying! We are already researching a few alternatives to achieve the same without the Snapfeet Sheet. But we won’t release that version until we are totally, thoroughly, extra sure that it is working at least as well as before.

Is it difficult?

Not at all! But not easier than drinking a glass of water! Don’t worry however, we explain you everything. And remember that once you have done a 3D biometry of both your feet, you normally do not need to repeat the procedure again in future. Or maybe you just start enjoying it. Last but not least, we are here to help.

Is it reliable?

Of course!* We have done more than 5000 tests and the number is increasing. But the size we suggest may depend on the quality of the 3D biometry. Just follow our instructions carefully. Then check by yourself if we are right, maybe comparing the length of your foot measured with a ruler on a sheet of paper, and the length in millimeters in the Snapfeet app.

* We are not geniuses. But some of the folks at the University of Cambridge, where this technology comes from, are.

The Ninja path to a perfect biometry.

A line

The Snapfeet Sheet.

As a first step you need to print the Snapfeet Sheet. You can download and print one sheet of paper in the A3 version, or two sheets of paper in the A4 version and stick them together with adhesive tape.

When printing, do not tick the “Fit to Page” option, and print at 100% scale. Check with a ruler that the graduated line on the Snapfeet Sheet is exactly 10cm long.


Take a photo of the Snapfeet Sheet.

Once you have your Snapfeet Sheet, start a new biometry using the Snapfeet app and follow the instructions: take one photo of the Snapfeet Sheet when asked.


Choose the first foot.

Start with one foot! Take off shoes and socks and put your bare foot in the middle of the Snapfeet Sheet. It is important to pull up your trousers legs, so that you will only frame the foot and the Snapfeet Sheet with your camera.


Take some pictures of your foot.

Do not move your foot while taking the photos.

You have to take pictures all around your foot because it is a 3D image and you have to frame every part of your foot.

Keep the smartphone at the right distance, neither too close nor to far away: in other words, try to frame the Snapfeet Sheet and the foot almost completely in every photo.

If you “cut” the foot in a single photo, the part outside of the photo frame is removed from the resulting biometry.


Your 3D biometry will be ready in a few minutes!

Wait a few minutes for our algorithm to elaborate the pictures. You will receive a notification once your 3D biometry is ready. Take a look at the 3D image: you can always repeat the procedure if you are not satisfied. Remember that a good biometry is necessary to receive suggestions about the best fitting shoes.

You’ll see how fast you will learn to build a perfect biometry!