Corporate Information

  • Business name:  TRYA SRL
  • Website:
  • Constitutive Act: 1st June 2011, Dueville (VI), Brando Paolo Notary Office
  • Capital: 120.000,00 euros – fully paid
  • Legal Office: Via Fabio Filzi 27 20124 Milano (MI)
  • VAT Number: 02720200217
  • Tax ID code: 02720200217
  • SDI code: SUBM70N
  • Milan Company Register Office: 02720200217
  • Certified email:
  • Phone: 031 2253861
  • REA code: MI-2617337
  • Enrolled in the Milan Business Register: ordinary section from 21st June 2011 (Company Register of Milan Monza Brianza Lodi from 12th March 2021)
  • Enrolled in the Milan Business Register: special section as Innovative SME from 7th April 2020
  • Corporate purpose: Survey of the Business Register
  • Activity performed and development expenses: TRYA is an innovative SME that brings technology based on artificial intelligence and computer vision to the fashion and footwear sector, increasing productivity and improving shopping experiences on e-commerce, helping companies reduce their CO2 emissions and save millions of dollars each year in returns.
  • Existence of professional, collaboration or commercial relationships with certified incubators, institutional and professional investors, universities and research centres.
  • List of intellectual property rights: Patent application no. 102020000024859 – GRAPHIC INTERFACE TO SELECT THE CORRECT SIZE OF A SHOE;
  • Financial statement: See the financial statements for details.

Techfast Project


Action I.1.b.1.2 – Support for the economic valorisation of innovation through experimentation and the adoption of innovative solutions in processes, products and organizational formulas, as well as through the financing of the industrialization of research results

Project title:

“Research and development of innovative solutions for 3D foot shape reconstruction on mobile devices for e-commerce applications”


Trya is designing the new “Snapfeet” platform that leverages advanced image acquisition algorithms to create incredibly accurate 3D reconstructions of the human foot using a simple smartphone. This means more profits for online shoe sellers, who operate in an increasingly difficult market due to the increase in customer behaviors such as showrooming and multiple purchases of the same item which is often destined to be returned. With “Snapfeet” it is possible to introduce the best mobile scanning technology to improve the customer shopping experience and obtain the perfect measurement of the customer’s feet.

The patent no. 1408124 is entitled “Method and system for producing custom-made footwear for a user”. The object of the invention is represented by a method for making a custom-made shoe, in which the parameters of the user’s foot are measured in a simple and immediate way, thanks to the acquisition via a smartphone of at least 12 images from different positions of the foot. Starting from these photographs, the software is able to reconstruct a 3D model of the foot. The patent was conceived for the production of made-to-measure footwear, since it supplies with considerable accuracy a large number of foot parameters which allow a high degree of customization in the manufacturing of the shoe. With the detected parameters, at least one model is created which serves as a reference for subsequent creations. The system processes the parameters taken from the acquisition of several two-dimensional images of the foot and re-processes them to obtain a three-dimensional model, which represents the reference element for customized production. User intervention is only necessary in the first phase, i.e. the acquisition of images using a smartphone. Subsequently the images are transmitted to a web server and processed by a computational unit which allows the creation of the 3D model, on the basis of which the custom-made shoe is produced. The patent can be used, and this is the aspect that most interests its economic valorisation, as a tool for identifying, within a physical or virtual shop, the models that best adapt to the shape of one’s foot, both in terms of number, fit and type.


Snapfeet is a Saas service that is provided through the homonymous app. It allows you to stand out from your competitors as, through it, it offers a system that includes the AR virtual try on of the footwear combined with the description of the fit (correct size) and the 3D measurement of the foot via smartphone without metric references on the ground.

The goal is to keep up with competitors and be protagonists in the coming years.

The capital increase allows you to compete effectively on a global scale.


Once you enter the new market with the new service, you expect to achieve both an increase in sales and a reduction in the number of returns. In addition to this, the adoption of the service leads to a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions linked to the transport of returns and favors small shoe producers and sellers who, thanks to an innovative technological tool that is very easy to integrate, will be able to compete in the global online market dominated by the big digital houses.

Support received:

249.861,35 €