Discover a smarter way
to buy shoes.

Try on shoes, everywhere you go.

Snapfeet is the exclusive online marketplace that gives you the possibility to virtually try on shoes. Backed by an innovative 3D technology and a sophisticated Fit Engine, we do not only suggest the best size for your feet: we show you how shoe models fit you, like you were in a real fitting room, right in the comfort of your home. We call it the Virtual Fit.

Don’t change your shopping habits.

Search trending brands, explore their catalogue and discover new styles, as you always do, from the browser of your PC or your smartphone, or in a shop. Once you have found the pair of shoes that inspire you, look in that same page or shop for a Snapfeet QR, and scan it to access the Virtual Fit. Or buy them directly from our app.

iphone QR-code app home screen
app virtual fit screen

You choose your style.

We believe that wearing shoes is serious stuff. And very personal indeed. This is why we just let you choose your style. Exactly like in a store, where you would try a shoe half a size above and below your average, you can do the same with Snapfeet. We won’t use some deep learning magic to decide on your behalf. And if you fancy a snug fit, don’t worry, we won’t say to anyone.

For your children too.

Our technology works exactly the same for kids. Take some pictures of your child’s foot, whenever you want. Snapfeet will help you find the best fitting shoes for your child. Simple!

pink child shoes