App Snapfeet

The only app in the world which empowers you to try on footwear thanks to Augmented Reality and find your perfect fit in a few moments, and reconstruct a perfect 3D foot image.

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Infinity Fitting

The only large scale footwear analysis fitting trial, we can digitally try-on shoes on thousands of virtual people even before the prototype is physically ready.

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Foot Compass

The only fit test optimized to understand if the feet of your testers are representative of the global population.

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What it means: ARKit does not initialize.

What to do: Restart the scan by shaking the phone.

What it means: ARKit cannot recognize the floor; the reasons may be poor lighting or the fact that the floor is particularly shiny or of a uniform color.

What to do: move to an environment with good, diffused and not strong lighting directed against the foot; move to a room with a different floor, or put a rug on the floor.

What it means: when one or more dots turn red it means that the 3D coordinates of the points seen from different points of view do not coincide, most likely because there is a calibration error.

What to do: Tap on the screen from different points of view; reset the application by shaking the phone and restart with the scan.

What it means: It is missing very important views to ensure that the 3D model of your foot is correct.

What to do: you probably did not notice the messages that the app gave you telling you to frame the arch from a tilted view close to the floor; if that doesn’t work either, after a few attempts the app returns an error message; if necessary, reset the application by shaking the phone and restart.

Use the height of your knee as a reference and keep more or less the same distance even in the side photos.

Normally with 4-5 photos done correctly you can get an accurate scan

For the first photo, always start from above

For the second photo, move the iPhone by framing the inside of the foot where you see the arch of the foot and shoot about 15cm from the floor, squaring the foot sideways

For the third photo, frame the foot from the back as shown in the photo

Return to the position from above and click until the dots turn green and the system asks you to continue

Repeat for the left foot.

Unfortunately in some cases it is normal, these two specific iPhone models have some problems with some of their internal components, the only way is to try several times to scan the foot until the result is obtained, perhaps by changing the environment (floor) or increasing the ‘lighting.

This doesn’t happen with any of the other iPhone models

What it means: it means that uploading data to our servers is taking a long time due to lack of network or low bandwidth.

What to do: It is recommended to use a broadband connection.

A minimal physiological difference is always present; However, if to the naked eye your feet seem very similar to you while the application shows a difference of more than 8mm, then it means that something has gone wrong: it is likely that by passing from the right foot to the left foot, ARKit has lost its calibration.

What to do: try again, taking care not to shake the phone sharply from right foot to left foot.

Light influences the process. The right lighting is: good diffuse lighting.

Avoid direct intense light (typical of strong sun or showroom spotlights).

If strong, highly contrasted shadows are created then we are in the presence of little diffused and too intense light, these cases must also be avoided.

It is ideal to place your foot on opaque backgrounds, preferably not uniform.

Avoid shiny or uniformly colored floors.

In case of need, place any carpet on the floor (as long as it is not in a solid color).