Digitize your company: improve production, facilitate and increase sales

The emergency experienced in this period, due to Covid-19, has underlined the growing need of companies in the Footwear sector for an energetic and immediate response to speed up and update production with the help of innovative methods.

In particular, there has been an urgent need for digitization, i.e. digitization of collection development processes, production and marketing processes.

It is precisely in this path that Snapfeet fits into companies with its broad and in-depth knowledge of digitization processes.

Snapfeet, alongside brands and manufacturers to digitize production and sales

Snapfeet is a HIGH TECH company that produces technology dedicated to the world of footwear and supports brands and manufacturers in the sector to help them create a complete digitization path, meticulously planning each step useful for achieving results that were unthinkable until recently in a simple and fast.

The service offered by Snapfeet

Thanks to its expertise, Snapfeet can offer the services of:

  • Digital fit test in preview of the new shoe models on thousands of people even before the production of the prototype: Prevision-Fit.
  • Morphological comparison of the model’s feet on the global population: FootCompass.
  • Creation of 3D models of footwear to be used in catalogs, samples and virtual showrooms.
  • Creation of 3D models of footwear optimized for Augmented Reality. Allowing end customers to try on the footwear advertised on each sales or marketing channel directly from home without any effort or modification of the printing processes.

Selling services:

  • Try on contactless shoes for retail stores
  • Creation of catalogs and digital footwear samples
  • Consulting studies and projects on complex machine learning and deep learning technologies
  • E-commerce innovation
  • Creation of virtual shops and showrooms
Tax incentives:

Snapfeet technology is part of both investments 4.0 in automation and in the incentives of digitization processes. Both have sizable tax incentives to support your business.


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